Your SAFE SPACE with us.

Where you are is not who you are.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or unsure about your life path?

Do you feel like life is against you that no matter what you try,

it'll never be good enough for you to succeed and get what you want?

Do you feel empty despite knowing that you should be grateful for what you have?

Are you worried about your future or having trouble making decisions about how to move forward?

Do you just wish someone could tell you what you're meant to do? 

Life is speaking to us all the time through moments which upset our expectations, when our internal reality collides with the external. Some of these moments are big, some are small, but all of them are an opportunity to wake up. When you think about improving your own life, there’s a ton of information out there, and you feel like you need to understand ALL of it! But how does one make sense of it?

If you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads in your life, then SUPPARETREAT is for you.

What do we offer?


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Go deeper in your journey through our various  weekly/monthly programs alongside our dedicated coaches.


The hallmark of Supparetreat started with retreats to gather like-minded women together.


There's a reason why our lives goes in the direction that it does.  We have all lived through the heartbreaks, the failures, the pain, even the little pieces we hide underneath so that no one else can take notice. 

For most of my life, I tried to be in control over everything and when everything fell apart, the only person who could pick myself up was me. I had the same recurring problems in relationships and in work. Until I was able to fully accept and surrender, that's when the love and grace poured through. 

Creating Supparetreat has been a journey I never thought I would ever take but now that I'm here, it has been a safe space for me to learn and unlearn; and I know it will continue to be a safe space for everyone that joins, including you.

Sarah Lian

Co-Founder of Supparetreat

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What they say about us

Undeniably, it was a dream come true this past weekend and I am still processing how much change this Retreat has brought to my life – not because I physically made it there, but because I went ALONE, joined 30 other women that NEVER knew each other,  and developed the deepest bonding we would have never imagined – we call it #BetterTogether – the power when women unite.

Jessica // Ignite Pangkor Laut

Ignite was life changing. All women need to fill our own cups before we can fill others... we need to take the time off and let us just be us. SUPPARETREAT allows us the safe space to do this! Looking forward to another retreat... 

Rakhee // Ignite Bali

This retreat has really healed some wounds, it has given me an open mind and heart to things and people in life, it has shown me that we can be strong yet vulnerable, and that we are all human trying our very best to be who we want to be, we are imperfect. 

Jane // Ignite Pangkor Laut

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