Take a momentary pause in the busyness of life to prioritize yourself. 

20-21 April 2024, Kloé Hotel

Is this you?

  • Are you trapped in an endless cycle of analysis paralysis? Where you know the solution but you're afraid to take action? 
  • Do you have the inability to say "no" because you're a people pleaser and its easier to be nice than to be honest? 
  • Do you find yourself in situations where you're so close to getting what you want, but would rather settle for something less? 
  • Do you constantly seek approval from others that you're on the right path? 
  • Do you often compare your journey with others and feel like you're inadequate or sometimes get resentful that you're behind? 

This retreat is all about getting clear about who you are and who you were meant to be. If you're playing small in life or if you're not fully living because fear has been making decisions for you, then let's take a pause and start getting clear on what is happening before you take another step forward! 

Let's interrupt the noise - wherever it is coming from, your inner critic, expectations from others or your deepest darkest fears. In a safe container that will allow you to feel ready to release what no longer serves you, you will have an opportunity to fill it back up with your heart's desires. 

Come alone or bring a friend, maybe two, this experience is like none other and if you're called to take part in this retreat, listen to your intuition and join us.

Sarah Lian
Certified Holistic Coach


Earlier this year, I remember catching a Yiruma concert with a friend after a life changing event and it was the first time I was able to properly catch my breath. I was busy with work, I was on an extended vacation and when I could finally take a pause and simply reflect on my journey, it gave me a sense of appreciation and gratitude. Lord knows, my journey has taken me on so many highs and lows.  I closed my eyes listening to the melodies playing and streams of tears started to fall. No matter how painful some of these moments were, they allowed me to see how every step has brought me to this point in my life.
I hope this "Interlude" will also be the medicine you need to interrupt toxic situations, unhealthy habits or relationships that don't add value to your life or perhaps celebrate the milestones of all your accomplishments. 

Wherever you are in your journey, I'm encouraging you to make a conscious intention to take a reflective break for yourself, even if it's just a weekend. The busyness of life can be sometimes get the best of us, so I hope you can also use this to honour yourself and gift some me-time to fill your own cup.  I promise you that in this space, you will learn so much about yourself and how the purest of intention can take you to your next chapter.  

I hope to see you guys soon!


I’m so proud of myself for being able to stand my ground and honour my best self by being my best self, and not let situations suck me into being my worse self by being reactive. And because of that, it made space for the opportunity of a healthy conversation to unfold. And I just think its so beautiful. This could not have happened if I didn’t also fully immerse in a very healthy and safe environment from the retreat.


Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this award-winning boutique hotel prides itself on a creativity and wellness. We will be conducting our experiences in the space that will give you privacy and serenity.  Feel safe enough to drop down your walls and give yourself an opportunity to heal. 

We have opted for a city location so you can choose to gift yourself a weekend to immerse in this sanctuary or sleep in the comfort of your own home. The option is yours to choose. 

Rediscover your inner self and come home to the perfect getaway your mind, body, and soul deserve.

Kloe Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
227, Jln Bukit Bintang, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Learn about your journey with us:

Weekend Itinerary

Saturday 20 April

9:00am  Opening Ceremony
9:30am  Grounding
10:00am  Reflect
1:00pm  Lunch - Savoury Salads by Imby Greens
2:00pm  Release
4:00pm  Journaling
5:00pm  Sound Journey with Getha
6:00pm  End

Sunday 21 April

9:00am  Morning Movement by Maybelline Wong
10:00am Grounding
11:00am Redefine
1:30pm  Lunch
2:30pm  Renew
5:00pm  Journaling
5:30pm  Closing Ceremony
6:00pm  End


A 4-part journey that will open up some hidden keys to help unlock your transformation. 


Experience a true reflection and mirror of yourself. Use this as an opportunity to discover the meaning of the reflection for you. The more willing you are to do that without rationalising away what you see or blaming yourself for it, the faster you can develop and express the potential in you. 


How do you move forward if you can't let go? Learn how to release the stories that trigger your pain, learn how to cut the cords, and say farewell to your past so you can create space to build magic in the places you love and open yourself to even more opportunities. 


Accept nothing less than what you want in your life and redefine your direction as your higher self. Play big, plan big and envision what your dreams will look like. Write a manifesto that you are deeply connected to and let that be a new way you want to be defined. 


Embrace the new you as you connect with a community that believes in you. Love poured into you is love poured into them. Learn tools to nourish yourself, to find joy, and to celebrate the person you are. Learn how to radiate with so much light that you attract all good things coming your way. 

Meet: Maybelline Wong

Morning Movement

This class combines the essence of movement and mindfulness. 

The simple cues and movement prompts encourages participants to move authentically and freely with no judgement. It allows complex emotions to find an expressive outlet that might be challenging to articulate in words, endowing individuals with insights into their present state and even psychological patterns.

An intentional movement practise. This session aims to guide you to greater awareness, self-expression, and connection to oneself and others.

Maybelline Wong or sometimes better known in the dance scene as MayB is a dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur, content creator and event organiser. 

With over a decade of teaching experience in studios, workshops and events across many styles such as heels, commercial choreography and basic dance grooves, Maybelline is a skilled and commending educator of movement through music. 

Currently, she is focused on self awareness through movement, bridging the gap between people who are interested in dancing and feeling intimidated by traditional teaching formats in dance classes as well as breaking boundaries on dance floors.

Maybe right now your journey is about you.
Maybe this is the season you are being challenged to be your own saviour, to be your own safe place. Maybe right now you are being reminded - that the people who walked away were only ever leading you back to yourself,  and were leading you here.
And here you are rebuilding, and adapting, and mending, and reclaiming all of the pieces. Here, you are not depending on another human being to fix it. Instead, here you are doing that on your own.

Here, you are healing.

-Bianca Sparcino


I would say that this is a retreat you never thought you needed. I did not know that I 100% needed it until I went. I have gained so much from it, I have a different perspective of my life, of the people I meet, and of how to go forth with my day to day activities in life, work and relationships. It has made me somewhat balanced and has cleared a path for me that I never knew I needed until the retreat. I find that everyone needs this retreat because I preach Self-Love, and to bring yourself to one is your way of telling yourself that you are putting you first because you want to be better and most of all I preach SUPPARETREAT!

What does your ticket include?


Meditation, breathwork, sound healing
Deep healing work
Intimate connections with others
Massive breakthroughs around your limiting beliefs


Refreshments/Snacks and Lunch is included. Feel free to bring your own food if you prefer. 


Parking is available on hotel premise for a flat fee of RM10.


Your ticket does NOT include a hotel stay.

This means you have the option of selecting nearby hotels or staying at KLoé Hotel for a special discounted off the published rate for our Supparetreat participants.

We will provide an exclusive code upon your purchase for you to book. 

Our pricing Options


Come as you are, book your spot with us and experience the magic of this weekend.

DUO Ticket

Find a buddy, and get extra savings when you can lock you and your friend to join. 

Special Thanks


Getha is a lifestyle brand, featuring the wonders of 100% natural latex for your first day to everyday.


Zus Coffee is Malaysia's #1 Tech-Driven Coffee Chain, brewed to beat the blues.


Celovis Paris is a French private jewelry label which represents the modern lady.


Unisoy aims to touch lives around the world with nutritional soy products.


Origin Bulk Store has big dreams to implement an eco business model,
mindful of waste from the production.


Oh Cha Matcha is the first and only matcha cafe in Malaysia that serves Sugar-free, dairy-free and guilt-free matcha.


OXWHITE is a luxury lifestyle brand specializing in quality essentials tailored for Asians.


MH Food brings high quality “Ethical and Honesty” Organic, Natural & Vegan/Vegetarian and Gluten free products to promote healthier living.


Davines produces high-end hair care products and is inspired by beauty + sustainability.


IMBY Greens is a Green grocer with ready-to-go offerings, fresh produce essentials,
Smoothie, Juice and Salad Bar


Kait Lifestyle Store has the largest assortment of organic and natural food online for babies and families


Readycare aims to deliver products that simplify your cleaning chores effectively yet affordable.


Love Maya is a Malaysian homegrown brand that produces island-inspired bath and shower gel. 


Bragg is passionately focused on helping each individual eat better, feel better, and enjoy a more healthful and vibrant life.


Comvita is the No.1 UMF™ Manuka Honey producer in NZ with strong heritage dating back to 1974. 


Bob's Red Mill inspires joy with wholesome foods made with care and consideration.


Can I put down a deposit to reserve my spot?

Yes, we can reserve your spot with a deposit of RM699. But first come first serve for those who have made full payment for the retreat.

Please email us for us to assist you with this option,

Do you offer flexible payment plans?

Yes we do! We can do split payments for this retreat but you will need to pay the full price. 

Please enquire at if you're interested in exploring our flexible payment options.  

What is your refund policy?

We offer a grace period where you can have a full refund within 14 days of booking your retreat. Refunds may take max 30 days to process.
After the 14 Day grace period, we do not offer refunds for any reason, we can only offer credits to future events. Please be sure you are ready to commit before booking your retreat. 

No credit or refund is available if you cancel on the arrival day; if you do not show up; or if you leave an event early for any reason. No refund will be available if you attend a program and are dissatisfied with its presentation or content.

How do I purchase as a group?

If there are more than groups of 4 or more in your booking, we can offer additional discounts. Please send us a email and so we can walk you through the process.

Who can I bring with me on this retreat?

All genders, identities, sexual orientation, ethnicities and religious or spiritual backgrounds are welcome.

Either feel free to come alone and make friends or bring people you want to grow with. 

You must be over the age of 16 to attend. There may adult language and situations. 

What if I have special health concerns or mobility issues?

By attending this retreat, you are taking full responsibility for your mental, physical and emotional well-being as an adult. We are not doctors or medical practitioners and everything shared at the retreat is for informational purposes only. Nothing is meant to replace medical treatment or to diagnose or treat any medical, physical or mental health condition. 

Please clear this trip and your travel with your own healthcare team. Be sure to have whatever medications or vitamins you need for your health. You may also ALWAYS choose to opt out of any movement sessions or physically demanding activities at your own discretion. Again, nothing we say is meant to take the place of any advice from your mental and physical healthcare team.  If you have any mobility concerns, please let me know so we can open a dialogue with the location to decide what works best for you

What if I am unable to participate in the activities?

Everything we offer is an invitation for you to join. The beauty of this retreat is that you are here to explore the boundaries of your own comfort levels. 

What if I have other questions?

We're happy answer any questions that aren't listed here, please email us at