Life & Breath: Part VI

The Art of Letting Go (Extended Conscious Connected Breathing Session)

Time: 8:30-10:00pm MY/SG (90min Workshop)
Date: Monday, 6 Jul
via ZOOM
Cost: Pay As You Can

Breath is life. From the moment that we take our very first life-giving breath, until the moment that life leaves the body, our breath is a constant, faithful and trusted companion that acts as a bridge between the physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of our being.

Breathing is both completely automatic and can also be brought completely under our control, offering us a wonderful opportunity to master the body-mind system and enhance performance across all areas of our lives.

What to Expect?

Have you ever been in a heated argument with someone, when suddenly you find the whole thing funny and start laughing? All the discomfort and pressure and tension goes away, leaving you feeling free and happy. Now imagine if you could do that anytime, anywhere, with anyone or anything. How wonderful would that be!? 

What will you Learn?

In this workshop, we will learn how we can use our breath to relax on demand, to surrender control over the things we cannot change, and to let go of repressed and suppressed emotions stored in our cellular memory.

How will  you Benefit?

With our breath, we are able to “fly under the radar”, going straight to the root cause instead of attempting to address only the effects. Through conscious connected breathing, we will use the breath to release and integrate the underlying and often unconscious energetic patterns in the body, in order to free ourselves from negative thinking, unhelpful habits and limiting beliefs.

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