Life & Breath: Part VII

Dry Static Apnea

Time: 8:30-10:00pm MY/SG (90min Workshop)
Date: Monday, 20 July
via ZOOM
Cost: Pay As You Can

Breath is life. From the moment that we take our very first life-giving breath, until the moment that life leaves the body, our breath is a constant, faithful and trusted companion that acts as a bridge between the physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of our being.

Breathing is both completely automatic and can also be brought completely under our control, offering us a wonderful opportunity to master the body-mind system and enhance performance across all areas of our lives.

What to Expect?

In this workshop, we will learn that holding our breath is less of a physical and more of a mental challenge. As the “urge to breathe” is an early warning system triggered by rising carbon dioxide levels in the body, not insufficient levels of oxygen, improving our breath-hold time is an exercise in mind over matter, or mental resilience.

What will you Learn?

We will also learn the proper technique for each of the four phases of a safe freediving breathing cycle (relaxation phase, one full breath, breath hold, recovery breathing) and will experience aspects of the “mammalian dive response”, an incredible superpower that we humans share with aquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins.

How will  you Benefit?

We realise that we can reprogram learned thought patterns and limiting beliefs stored in our minds in order to gently push ourselves further than we thought we could go. In training ourselves to resist the urge to breathe and seeing it as merely information that we are receiving from the body, we learn how to drop the story that we tell ourselves about the current experience that we are having.

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