Relationship Salon

To Give or Not to Give

What to do when you’re always the one giving?

Time: 8:00-10:30pm
Date: Tuesday 16 June
via ZOOM

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or have issues with family or friends, this monthly workshop series will address the reasons why we all struggle in any of our relationships. Each session we’ll explore a different topic in detail. Hannah will bring light to blind spots, offer tools & practices to make tangible change and address the blocks we have to experiencing more love.

In this session we’ll explore the dynamics of give and take in relationships. If you’ve ever heard yourself say “I’m always the one that’s giving”, whether it’s in the context of ‘giving in’ during an argument, doing the housework, doing the self reflection work or being the one that opens up more… this workshop is for you.

We’ll be looking at what to do once you’ve reached your threshold of giving, the hidden aspects we don’t realise are creating more resentment and how to come to a place where you’re content no matter how much you’re giving or receiving.

Who’s this for?

This is for anyone looking to understand why they’re not having the kind of relationships they want.

If you’re feeling stuck and unable to move forward in a marriage, struggling to mend from broken trust in friendships, not able to see eye to eye with someone at work or disconnected from your family these workshops will help you get to the core of why and show you what to do to start creating the relationships you want.

What to expect?
-Learn how to avoid repeating the same patterns
-Take home tools to shift anything from small annoyances to big hurt
-Identify the habits that are sabotaging your relationships
-Understand the secret to letting more love in

NOTE: If you are unable to attend for any reason, please give us at least 12 hours notice, we will be able to defer your payment for the next event. If you do not respond within 12 hours of the start the event, your payment will be forfeited.

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