Relationship Salon: Self-Love


Learn how to remove the blocks to receiving love.

Time: 8:00-10:30pm

Date: Tuesday 30 June
via ZOOM

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or have issues with family or friends, this bi-weekly workshop series will address the reasons why we all struggle in any of our relationships. Each session we’ll explore a different topic in detail. Hannah will bring light to blind spots, offer tools & practices to make tangible change and address the blocks we have to experiencing more love.

Who’s this for?

This workshop is for you if you’ve ever found yourself thinking:

-I’m so frustrated with myself for saying yes, when I should have said no
-I’ll stay in this (job/relationship), even though I know I’m not happy
-about all the things you did wrong and how you could have done better
-if I just lose those 10 pounds, get that promotion etc.. then I’ll be happy
-I’m afraid people will find out I’m a fraud or they’ll see through me
-why do I keep hitting this wall in terms of my own growth

What to expect?

During this workshop we’ll be touching on 5 major topics where we tend to unknowingly withhold love from ourselves. It’s these areas that are often blindspots with accompanying beliefs that act as blocks to feeling and receiving our own love.

It has us berating ourselves and beating ourselves up whenever we make a mistake, keeps us feeling undervalued wherever we go and making decisions that sabotage our own growth or happiness.

We’ll do some simple exercises to see where you’re holding the most blocks and I’ll be sharing practices to start untangling yourself from these beliefs.

Uncovering these topics will help you begin shifting your blocks to self love and you might be surprised at how it impacts many other areas of your life.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend for any reason, please give us at least 12 hours notice, we will be able to defer your payment for the next event. If you do not respond within 12 hours of the start the event, your payment will be forfeited.

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