Virtual Circle

Virtual Circle

Time: 8:30-10:30pm
Date: Thursday 23 July
via ZOOM

Come experience the awe and beauty within as Racheal and Hannah invite you into our virtual circle.


A return to the stories that have marked us, changed us, birthed us and made us.

Within every woman is her wisdom and magic, join our circle as we share our stories. Through a beautiful unfolding, pause to reflect, forgive, let go, honor, and celebrate the roads we’ve taken and left behind.

Beginning with a calming exercise to help you land, Hannah and Racheal will guide you through a supportive experience of intuitive visualizations, safe sharing pods, heart-opening discussion, journaling, and quiet reflection to bring you home to yourself.

Her : Story is an optional introduction to Hannah & Racheal’s new ‘Remember Her’ heart circles. Remember Her begins on the 20th August and is a 6-week course designed to be an intimate exploration into the sacred work of being a woman.

From her living womb to her intuitive heart, begin to give your femininity permission to free parts of you that you’ve kept guarded and hidden because they were too loud, too honest, too fragile, too much and too dangerous to be seen.

No matter what happens or changes, you can walk into this world knowing who you really are and what it means to value and heal the woman within.

“Remember her story, return to her soul”

NOTE: If you are unable to attend for any reason, please give us at least 12 hours notice, we will be able to defer your payment for the next circle. If you do not respond within 12 hours of the start the event, your payment will be forfeited.

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