Meet your TRIBE.

SUPPARETREAT is a community that aims to foster success in all facets of an individual's life. We are a safe space to learn, unlearn and relearn topics in our three pillars: Inner Empowerment, Life Design and Intimacy and Relationships. With various offerings through empowering experiences, we provide a platform to heal. Healing from within allows everyone to access their own superpower. 

We are constantly being bombarded with standards and expectations from everywhere, society, loved ones, children, work, leaving us overwhelmed, tired, anxious and dissatisfied, without the space and energy to course correct or hold our boundaries steady.

We collaborate with experts in different fields to educate, equip and empower you through experiences and events with the right tools to succeed.

We help you ask the right questions and get the support you need to move forward without getting caught in the same cycles again. 

We offer space and guidance for women to look inward and seek answers from within to find purpose, happiness and peace.

"We are creating a community for women to come and explore, connect more deeply with themselves and each other, and in doing so, not only strengthen their own light, but shine it brighter in their own homes, communities, and workplaces. Now is the time to ignite the fire within."

What makes us Unique?

Self Discovery

Women build self awareness, understanding and accepting who they are and who they want to be.

Safe Space

Creating a space without judgement and understanding the meaning of holding space for others.


Finding camaraderie with other women filling that gap of loneliness with genuine connection.


Leading with love and intuition instead of fear and pain. Empowering women to make better decisions for themselves.


Our Founder Sarah Lian chats with Cleo Malaysia about what makes Supparetreat so special. Watch the video here.

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Co-founded by actress and TV host Sarah Lian, Supparetreat is a community for women to connect with themselves and each other. With help from various transformational coaches, specialists, healers, wellness experts, and neuro-linguistics programming practitioners, women can learn to create their own paths and move forward in their lives.

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