Looking for a transformational experience for your organization?

Unite your team through a Supparetreat Experience that will inspire and empower. 

Vision, mission, goals - all can become a faded poster on the wall that no one notices. Allow each person in the organisation to feel seen and heard through a variety of workshops which will provide them with support. These workshops are ideal for organisations who are looking to up skill and provide solutions while boosting confidence. While many teams continue to work from home or remotely, it is important to ensure that everyone feels safe, supported and motivated to perform to the best of their ability.


Communication and connection is one of the best ways to enhance work culture. Often overlooked, having the tools to build this within the company can see returns quickly.


Leadership can seem daunting when navigating teams but a great leader will build more leaders, not followers or yes men. A leadership transformation is crucial for success.


What are limiting beliefs that keep you organisation back from being highly productive? Low productivity equates sales loss, how do you create high performance in your work culture?


In the past year, mental health has been on the top of everyone's mind because work is not the only thing that sustains a person, having the right mindset will help them find the right balance.

Here are our favourite topics:

The culture that exists within the team is integral to the success of a company. We have a few different coaches highlighting various areas that cover the gaps that are useful in resolving issues from within. 


Communication and Boundaries

As working from home becomes the new normal, there has never been a greater need for effective communication. This workshop will provide you with the necessary tools and practices to create a thriving workplace built on positive relationships and healthy boundaries. 

  • Defining healthy boundaries for each person
  • Learning to collaborate through communication breakdowns
  • Turning conflict into opportunities for connection
  • Practical tools to speak with more clarity, honesty and kindness.

Duration: 2h 30m 


Stress Relief & Management

Work stress has significant health consequences that range from relatively benign to potentially serious. Although it may be ideal to find a low-stress job, a more realistic approach is to adopt effective coping strategies to reduce stress at work. We will cover:

  • Identifying various types of stress
  • Exploring coaching and observing through real life situations
  • Managing stress with different techniques
  • Building effective habits to maintain optimal levels

Duration: 2h 30m 


Mindful Productivity

Our minds are made up of core values and habits, both good and bad, which contribute toward our decision-making process. Find out how your mind is wired and how to perform at your highest and lowest peak of energy.

We will cover:

  • Identify your core values and habits
  • Discover what causes your energy levels to fluctuate and how to manage them properly
  • Develop a formula to sustain good decision-making habits

Duration: 3h 

How you will Benefit:

Open Communication

In a healthier work environment with deeper connection and compassion for one another, camaraderie created will allow communication to come from a more empathetic place.


A shift in perspective can add value to the organisation as each individual will learn how to etch their purpose with being part of a bigger plan and thus create meaning in their work. 

Personal Mastery

Aligning values with personal boundaries allows individuals to create a healthier working culture within the company. Being able to set rules for themselves allows for better mental health, less burnout and and stronger developed identity.

Here’s what people are saying about our programs.

Finding balance in the chaos with the right tools.

"The past few weeks have just been me working through various chaos, internal and external chaos. And this was actually very timely for me. I really appreciate that all sessions actually have very actionable, simple and practical advice that we can adopt and I think the single key takeaway for me is that its very important for us to pause before a mental reflective response happens internally or externally."

RECHARGE PArticipant 
Awareness and mindfulness transforms self-perception.

"Supparetreat's Life Coaches really helped open my mind, made me think through things and gave me the tools and measures to take set my goals in a more realistic, actionable way. It's really enlightening to discover how patterns of behaviour in one part of your life can have so much effect on all the other parts of your life.  I seem to be always doing things in a hurried and disconnected way, without mindfulness and planned intention. So much time is lost and wasted when we don't see the potential and power inside ourselves, to make the changes and improvements that will help us get to where we want to be."

SOAR PARticipant
New business opportunities from personal shifts.

"Yes definitely a big shift. Much deeper clarity. The tools were particularly enlightening for the whole team, to see how we could work effectively together. It was interesting as well how deeply we all valued work culture, and that being our new direction. Actually, there was a certain point in the programme - I can't put my finger on the exact time - but something energetically shifted within the company and lots of new business enquiries came in, and have kept coming in. Things had been stagnant for a while so it was a perceptible shift to me."


Frequently asked questions

How do you charge for a workshop?

We usually charge per person, so depending if you have a big team or a smaller team, we will be adjusting our rates accordingly.

We generally find group less than 20 ideal so we are able to offer a quality experience.  With teams of 20 or more, we will probably suggest to split up in different sessions. 

Can we continue private sessions with the coaches after our workshop/program?

Absolutely, we will share with you a rate card for personal 1:1 sessions with your assigned Supparetreat coach and encourage private sessions during and after your program so that our coaches are better equipped to have an understanding of the dynamics of teams. As some team members are likely to open up individually than in a group, more shifts can occur. 

Can I send my employees to your events to see how it works?

We do offer a workshop audit if you're interested in working with us for your company. As mentioned, we are focused on helping teams through our Corporate Wellness programs, so the purpose for our other workshops may differ than your intended audience. Please get in touch with us to see how we can make this work. 

Can we book multiple workshops?

Yes, you can choose to select one or two workshops to get started, or we can help you customize a transformational program for not just your team, but also the decision makers who can create more lasting cohesion in your work culture. 

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