A Curated Journaling



by Supparetreat

Get to know you again.

Take advantage of our various series of  journaling prompts to help you seek the best in yourself.


Discover how connecting your thoughts with your heart can make all the difference.

We are huge advocates of journaling because understanding and handling our feelings give us some sense of self- control. One way to learn more about yourself and your emotions is to always look for the trigger of certain emotions. When you know what made you felt that way, you can take control of it more easily.

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Inner Child

Do you ever notice how some patterns in your life seem to be a recurring story? Did you ever face rejection, abandonment or shame as a child? Even if you had a great childhood, do you have memories of difficulties that you can't seem to get past?

Connecting with the inner child focuses on bringing these feelings to the light of your consciousness so that you can find the root causes of the challenges you’re facing as an adult.

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Growing a Helpful Mindset

Being happy-er, more peaceful, successful, less anxious, sleeping better and finding some balance, doesn’t come with ‘getting’ anything ‘more’.

These states of well-being can be achieved exactly where you are now, with what you already have. They come with having a different way of looking at things, at your life, and how you think about yourself.

It’s about having a mind-set that is helpful to you, instead of one that hinders you. Learn how to enhance and grow your ‘helpful mindset’ over the next 7 days with this journaling experience.


Experience a love you've never felt before. A love that is infinite and one that comes from within. Explore the various branches of self-love that will help you set the standard of how you want to be loved.

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Shadow Work

Shadow work helps you uncover and observe painful, suppressed parts of yourself for the purpose of living a more fulfilling life. It comprises both the experiences you’ve had personally as well as beliefs and/or perspectives that have been passed to you from generation to generation.

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Giving thanks and counting blessings can help you sleep better, lower stress levels and improve your relationships. Showing gratitude helps you acknowledge the goodness in your life.  

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