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As we go through life, we all encounter various levels of pain, trauma, sadness & hurt. Unless we have time to process these experiences, we may find ourselves caught in a rut of unhealthy patterns and habits. How are we able to access our intuition, wisdom and strength from within?

Self-Love and Sound with Sarah Lian

The conversations we have with ourselves are the most telling of who we are, none of us want to admit how we are deceiving ourselves in any number of ways. Until you’re ready to have the conversation to shed the truth, you’ll realise that most of your problems stem internally, not externally.

Although healing is a personal journey, we believe in the community of collective healing that helps us process some of our thoughts and trauma. Every experience is an invitation for you to cultivate love from within. Find solace in the voices present in this space so you will know that you are not alone.

Life & Breath with Marcus Blacker

Breathing is also vital in regulating and processing difficult or intense emotions and increasing our capacity for sensual pleasure and spiritual connection. The answer that you have been searching for is right under your nose. Through a combination of theory and practice, Marcus brings you an experience to breathe deeply and mindfully.

Moon Circles with LiYing Lim

Allow yourself to reconnect with your Highest Self during the birth of the New Moon and Full Moon with the healing energies that flow through Tea. Tea is used in Cha Dao for Her innate quietude, her capability to calm and sharpen the mind at the same time, and her gentle ways of opening the heart through communion and reconnection with Nature.  Drop from your head into your heart through a meditative virtual tea ceremony experience guided by LiYing Lim.

Hacking Life with Maggie Huh

A series of short talks on big and small life issues/questions based on the Eastern philosophy of yin & yang and five elements. In this series, Maggie shares the teachings and wisdom that has been passed down for millennia, how they made sense of the world and how they navigated through life through peaks and valleys.

Coming Home with Dian Lee

It’s easy to get lost in the busy-ness of life. This 3 part online retreat is an exploration to help you find your way home to yourself to ground, heal, connect and return to the vibrancy of yourself. Each 60 minute session will include a guided meditation, sound bath and time to journal your thoughts and contemplation by Dian Lee.

Somatic Journey with Zahara Jade

Led by Zahara Jade, Somatic Journey deals with collective and childhood trauma and the impact they have on one's mind, body, spirit, and overall well-being. During this workshop, you will learn different somatic-based tools to practice and to become aware of the effects of trauma. The collective support of open, relatable, authentic discussion in a safe environment around one's experience is part of the healing process guided through Truth Catalyst Somatic Journey.


When you're focusing on your mindset and holistic transformation, you develop empowering strategies to support functional, healthy lifestyle changes, productivity and wellbeing. Life Design is all about living in more alignment and looking forward to your future, with freedom.

Recalibrate with Asha Gill

Our Lifestyle Coach, Asha Gill helps you recalibrate your thoughts and emotions to live the life you want. Understand how to change your perspective around various blocks in your life. Experience a live coaching session and see what change can look and feel like. Walk away with understanding and knowledge of how to use all the information to your best advantage.

Mindful Productivity with Ashley Suelyn

Ashley Suelyn believes in offering tools for women to make strategic decisions about their productivity and time. Her signature workshops on motivations and expectations give you a framework to help you find flow in your daily life. 

Money Matters with Jashida Kamal

Jashida Kamal is passionate about helping women pave their own way to financial freedom. Starting from the abundance mindset, wealth generation is a sure way to empower yourself in every way.

Stages of Life with Freda Liu

What would your life look like if you picked another path? What kind of goals do you want to set for yourself, do you have the time and space to fulfil your dreams? When you plan these dreams out, each stage of your life will mark an aspect of who you are, design your life with Freda Liu. 

INTIMACY & RElationships

Ready to learn how to do the inner-work? This topic is suitable for men or women who are currently searching to uncover more knowledge about relationships. If you're navigating a painful breakup or divorce or wanting to gain clarity on a complicated relationship, here's your chance to go deeper into relationship with yourself.

Tied Up Together with Lisa Anthony

This workshop will give you the tools needed not only to create that meaningful intimate connection, but to experience the dynamic flow of rope play. By the end of this workshop series, you will be able to cultivate a level of depth with your partner that you’ve never had before and also equip yourself with foundational knowledge of Shibari as a tool to establish the dynamic between partners in an alluring and artistic way.

Relationship Salon with Hannah Lo

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or have issues with family or friends, this workshop series will address the reasons why we all struggle in any of our relationships. Each session we’ll explore a different topic in detail. Hannah will bring light to blind spots, offer tools & practices to make tangible change and address the blocks we have to experiencing more love.

Mama Time / Mama & Me with Racheal Kwacz

Led by Racheal Kwacz, allow yourself to reconnect with your purpose and the impact you have with your children. This special Mama series with other mamas or with your loved ones will help you find solace in a safe mama tribe. 

Taste of Tantra with Danielle Ajanta

Learn the truth behind some popular misconceptions about this spiritual path called Tantra, and discover how the practice of Tantra can be the gateway to enjoying deeper meaning and fulfilment, not just in your sexual relationships, but in all aspects of your life.

Singles/Couples Night with Hannah Lo & Ash Nair

If you've been in and out of the dating scene and find it challenging to have meaningful conversations.. If you're secretly terrified of the awkward conversations that transpire with the opposite sex... then look no further! Or if you're in a relationship and feel that your connection has fizzled or started to lose its fire, these workshops will help you attune to your heart's desire.


Dive into your deepest darkest desires as we explore the taboo yet exciting world of sex, pleasure and desire in a safe, non-judgemental and empowering space. 

After Dark with Jasmine King

Launching our new series dedicated diving deep into the taboo yet exciting world of sex, pleasure and desire, the After Dark series by Sex Positive Advocate, Jasmine King is truly one-of-a-kind. Open to all genders of all sexual experiences, get ready to meet like-minded folks in a safe, non-judgemental and empowering space, brought to you exclusively by Supparetreat.