How to Cultivate and Protect Your Self-worth

No matter how comfortable and confident we are, we could have days where we question our worth. Intrusive thoughts could slip into our minds or we could encounter a trigger that sets off our self-doubt. We have four powerful tips that when turned into a habit, they can change our perception of ourselves: Forgive yourself. […]


Sound Healing: What Actually Is It?

As the wellness industry continues to grow, we hear about a lot of techniques that could make our lives a little easier. Meditation, mindfulness, tantra, you name it. And recently. Sound healing has been the talk of the town and yet, so many of us have no idea what it even is. Does it even […]


The Beauty of Being Present

It’s tempting to let our minds wander in the mistakes of the past or the worries of the future. But what would happen if we just took a moment to be here at this very moment? To just look around and say ‘Wow, I’m really here’? You will only ever be able to live this […]


Five Tips to Enhance Your Spiritual Journey

When we embark on our spiritual journey, a lot of things can start to shift. Despite us knowing that it’ll all be worth it, it can still hurt. On some days, it gets a little tough to get by. We may feel lost, confused or like we’re on the wrong path altogether. Here are five […]


Five Important Relationship Red Flags

Ever looked back on a relationship and thought “How did we get here?”? Maybe you felt like your partner completely changed, or that they did something you never thought they’d do. Well, maybe you just missed the signs. Often, there are red flags that occur ever since the relationship began, but either we didn’t notice […]


Letting Go: How to Approach Life with Ease

There are so many things that are out of our control. Other’s thoughts, actions and emotions. Unexpected events. Time. So many things. But if we focus on all the things we can’t change, is that productive? Probably not. Maybe letting go is the way to go. Check out the Law of Least Effort, from Deepak […]


How to Stay Focused, Consistent and Motivated

Do you have a short attention span? Can’t seem to get things moving or sometimes even started? Does your productivity fluctuate very easily? Well, you’re in luck. Instead of browsing through endless articles and videos on the internet, we did the work for you! We found these three factors to be most essential components when […]


Five Ways to Cultivate Intimacy in Relationships

Every relationship requires a certain level of intimacy. In romantic relationships, intimacy creates closeness, compatibility and higher levels of relationship satisfaction. Intimacy is a difficult concept to understand. It can be characterized as the willingness of two people to be vulnerable, open, and honest with one another. Intimacy necessitates a high level of transparency; the […]


Three Tips for Coping with Criticism

Facing reality can feel scary. Our main and probably most important goal is often to just feel okay. Knowing that things aren’t falling apart is what gives us comfort, confidence and motivation. When we’re faced with criticism, we can start to feel overwhelmed with negative emotions; we could feel disappointed and inadequate. There are multiple […]

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The Benefits Of A Corporate Wellness Program : Everything You Need To Know

A corporate wellness programme can benefit both management and employees. Here are a few of the most significant benefits: Increases job satisfaction Corporate wellness programmes assist employers in developing a good work environment. Employees are more motivated and satisfied at work when they believe their employer is concerned about their well-being. They will feel more […]


Tips To Build Trust In Your Relationship

When we trust our loved ones, it’s because we feel safe and secure with them and know they will not harm or violate us. Trust is the foundation of relationships because it permits us to be emotionally vulnerable and open without having to defensively protect ourselves. This article discusses the importance of trust in relationships […]


How To Get Over A Bad Breakup

Breakups are painful for everyone, but some are more painful than others. A bad breakup can evoke strong emotional responses such as rejection, betrayal, worry about the future, and loss of control. The intensity of your feelings and response can be influenced by several factors, such as how long you were with your partner, how […]


How to Embrace Non-attachment

For years, so many people have been trying to develop all sorts of theories and solutions to make uncertainty a little less scary. We were quite moved by The Law of Detachment from The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success by Deepak Chopra. It’s a very useful and timeless skill to develop. Uncertainty can be scary […]


How to Be More Present

Has it been challenging for you to be present, especially with all that’s going on after the pandemic hit? Don’t beat yourself up for living on autopilot sometimes, it happens to all of us! These are some tips that help us pause and enjoy the moment: Incorporate mindfulness into your life. By focusing our senses […]

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The Seven Types of Rest

Ever felt like your go-to resting routine doesn’t seem to work anymore? Well, maybe it’s because it’s not what you need! Finding the correct way to rest and reset is crucial to achieve effective results. Dr. Sayndra Dalton-Smith outlined seven types of rest that we need for different occasions. Keep reading to know exactly which […]


How to Effectively Set Boundaries

Boundaries: The catalyst of safe spaces. Whether it’s with strangers, friends, family, colleagues or partners, setting effective boundaries is the best way to feel safe and peaceful. However, it’s easier said than done for many of us. So, if you’ve been struggling with setting boundaries, this article is for you. Check out these simple, yet […]


The Five Mentors You Need In Life

Mentors are those who help us understand ourselves by giving guidance and direction to our purpose. We don’t always refer to such people in our life as ‘mentors’ but that’s what they truly are. There are multiple types but the following ones are the most important to surround yourself with. You may meet a person […]


Procrastination: Why Do We Do It?

Have you ever wondered why you end up procrastinating even if you want to get things done? It’s like a part of our brain just doesn’t want to cooperate and we can’t seem to unlock the reason why. Well, today is your lucky day! We’ve done the research for you and gathered all you need […]


Three Podcasts for Self-Help, Redirection and Transformation

Have you been feeling a little lost lately? The stress of the new year is slowly crawling in your mind and you don’t know how to let go of it? Here is a little something that can help! Check out these three podcasts, hosted by some of the biggest names in the wellness industry: On […]


Mastering Productivity with Ashley Suelyn

When it comes to productivity, we can’t think of any better than our very own life design coach, Ashley Suelyn. We asked Ashley for some of her tips to help us get started on our journey to unleash our potential. Keep reading to find out more about all things time management and productivity! Tell us […]


Four Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

As we go back to our working lives after the holidays, stress could hit us harder than usual. We switched off our daily routines for a while, so it feels almost foreign to us. When we’re stressed, it’s almost like we’re blinded by a massive cloud and we can’t see a single thing. Information starts […]