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6:30pm Wednesday, 15 March 


Else Retreats, 145, Jalan Tun H S Lee


RM395 (includes Experience+Dinner)

for the not-so-young, wild, and free

Never been done before, an event for the not-so-young, wild and free. A perfect evening to enjoy delicious food and juicy experiences that will be a night to remember. Skip the boring speed dating and learn how to connect with people in a less transactional way. Step out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to what you like and what you REALLY like.

Skip the swipes and the meaningless banter to conversations that will leave you wanting more. Discover yourself through a carefully designed itinerary full of mystery and fun… safe word included.

what should i expect?

A carefully curated experience from start to finish.

Don't worry we will hold your hand through this entire evening and minimize those awkward moments when you have nothing to say or do. Expect hilarious conversations, connections and we'll save you from the transactional experience of speed dating because we are going to have a lot of meaningful conversations to report back to your friends. 

lucky draw & prizes

Inspired by every dating reality show we've seen on Netflix, we will have side games and prizes for the evening. Lucky draws and opportunities to win exclusive prizes will be done through voting. 

who should come

Open to both men and women of any age.

Also, if you're sick of...

  • being the last single friend that gets pawned off to other single friends, you should come.
  • parental or family pressure during every holiday gathering, you should come
  • secretly counting the age when your non-existent children turn 18, you should come.
  • getting advice from married friends who haven't been single in 10 years, then you should come. 

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