An Opportunity to go Deeper 

Sometimes we need a little more time and a little more space to digest what we know about ourselves.


Remember Her

Remember her is a sacred renewal and rebirth of the woman we hold in all of us. It is the becoming and graduation, it is the coming home and the next level, it is remembering that we all need a remembrance of how to sit at the throne confidently, majestically, gracefully, sure of who we are and what we’re here to do.

This is for any woman ready for something different. or a softer, gentler exploration in the complex wonders of becoming a woman. It is a beautiful unfolding of the parts of her that she’s kept hidden or abandoned  because they were too loud, too honest, too fragile, too much and too dangerous to be seen and the gift of discovering the magic and wisdom she never knew she had within.

her story

A return to the paths that have marked us, birthed us and made us. Through a beautiful unfolding, pause to reflect, forgive, let go, and celebrate the roads we’ve taken and left behind.


Within us are the seeds of wisdom planted and buried, so too are the stories we’ve been told and the stories we’ve told ourselves. Discover poignant truths and heartfelt lessons through the narrative of every mother-daughter relationship.


In this practical hands-on session, Hannah and Racheal will introduce you to your inner council of wise women. Her Wise Women are small groups designed to practice the art of holding space. Understand the balance of staying in your truth while lovingly nurturing others to stay in theirs.


Marvel and connect to the wonder of your womb, the living crown of a woman. Where sacred life is created and nourished, where each season is birthed and shed, where grief and rejection is often overlooked. Delve into the cyclical intelligence of your womb and learn to use Her voice.


A movement-based Heart practice that allows your natural intuition to lead. Listen to the quiet rhythms of your soul, tune in to your intuitive flow, and be inspired by stories of following your heart even amidst the noise.


As women, we have unknowingly disowned our bodies in order to be accepted and cherished. Celebrate, honour and reclaim the parts of your body you have punished and rejected through this lovingly guided Heart circle.


Drawing from your innate healer, create your very own First Heart Kit. A personal blend of Heart practices and truths designed to be the soothing remedies for when your soul is out of alignment.


Gentle, crowned, and majestic, this last piece celebrates your royalty and the sacred work of being a woman. Ascend your seat at the throne by truly understanding, owning and using your inner wisdom. Remember Her anytime you need support, renewal, or clarity.


Jujumello Intimacy Series

Whether you’re looking for a deeper connection with your partner or wanting to address some of your own blocks to intimacy in preparation for a new partner, this series of workshops is created to help anyone understand the more hidden, misunderstood, emotional dynamics that influence how well we’re able to have fulfilling relationships when it comes to sex and intimacy.


EPISODE 1: 4 types of attraction

In this first session, Hannah will describe how attraction actually works by revealing four main types. Discover what creates that electricity and magnetism to a person and what switches it off. Understand how to discern between ego and soul attraction and as couples why we get turned off or turned on in our relationships. P.S... none of the four types of attraction are physical.

episode 2: when intimacy is withheld

Going through periods of not having sex in a relationship is something most of us face at some point but why does it happen and what do we do if we feel rejected or stuck because of it? In this session Hannah will explain common but often misunderstood reasons why our interest dips and changes with each other and what to do if your partner isn’t interested in being intimate or when you’re the one who’s not interested.

episode 3: spice up your love life

with special guest Tantric Coach Danielle Ajanta

Join Danielle and Hannah as we walk you through #6 sexy tantric exercises to bring more passion and playfulness into your sex life. Discover the secrets to the ultimate sexual arousal for you and your partner, as well as some top tips for opening you both up to more magical love making.

episode 4: sex and communication

with special guest Tantric Coach Danielle Ajanta

When it comes to sex, how do we ask for what we want without sounding demanding? How do we say what we don’t want without hurting the other person’s feelings?  In this session, Hannah & Danielle will be sharing various empowering practices to help you express your needs and desires in ways that can inspire and motivate your partner, instead of turning them off. Learn to play with verbal and non verbal cues and feel more confident when it comes to communication in the bedroom.

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