The Goddess and The Warrior

Creating spaces for you to explore your deepest desires in love and life.
Lead like a warrior and love like a goddess.

24-27 November 2022, The Hooton Retreat

Is this you?

Imagine seeing everyone around you moving forward in life, while you're feeling stuck in the same place.
Imagine the desire to have intimacy in your relationships but feeling afraid of saying what you want.
Imagine the opportunities arriving at your doorstep but feeling like you're not deserving of them.
Imagine reaching for your dreams but always feeling like you're failing.
Imagine knowing exactly what you want but feeling like you'll never get there.

This retreat is all about exploring and discovering your needs and helping you reach for your desires. Wherever you may be playing small, in your relationships, friendships, family or career, this weekend will help you shift into more purpose, meaning and joy. If you're ready to take things to the next level, be ready to release whatever is no longer serving you so you can reclaim your power.

We are welcoming both men and women for the first time in this retreat and believe that both energies will allow all of us to awaken to the dance of the inner goddess and inner warrior in all of us, the yin and yang. As both masculine and feminine energies exist in us, be receptive to the imagination and unfolding of your  fire, passion, sensuality and spirituality. Throughout the weekend, learn how to step into the power of leading and the tenderness of loving. Strike the right balance with a deeper understanding of your true feelings and align them with what you want in life. 

Come alone or bring a friend, maybe two, this experience is like none other and if you're called to take part in this retreat, listen to your intuition and join us.

Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

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Learn what one of our coaches has to say about our past retreats, this time we're excited to include men too!

Our Letter to You

Dear Men,

As men, we have to honour our role in society as examples of unyielding strength and power. We must do so with the utmost level of consciousness, integrity, awareness & presence.

How can you personify true leadership? How do you break free from old paradigms of conquering, acquiring, and possessing? How can you shift to space for more relating, experiencing love and attracting?  Our intention is to help you embody masculinity and guide you to nurture and heal your inner feminine. To experience powerful change, one must awaken the body, activate our heart,  create space and stillness in our mind.

The perpetual cycle of failure, shame and separation keeps us from connecting with who we are and others around us, this retreat will help you acquire the tools and practices to help launch your transformation process to become the zen warrior, so you may create a life of purpose, meaning, and success on your own terms!

Dear Women,

In a world where we are asked to do more, be more, act more.. these workshops are created in honour of our untamed, wild vibrant selves that have yet to be unleashed. We're here to learn the magic and deep understanding of how to weave and plant deep roots that will build the most powerful foundation for welcoming all that is to come - love, motherhood, joy, career, brave and bold partnerships and relationships.

Our hope is that as you embark on these series of workshops, that it will bring you home closer to the inner goddess and warrior we all champion inside. Show us your deepest desires, tell us where everything split from before and after, dream your biggest dreams, and we'll teach you all the ways home to your wildest most sacred homecoming. Always, and always, better together.

We’re ready to go to war with you and call in this next season grounded, sure, on fire and in power!


It has been a wonderful experience. Anyone who wants to start a new adventure, should come on this journey to discover the next level of themselves.


Welcome to The Hooton Retreat. Be surrounded by nature's best flora and fauna as you refresh and rejuvenate during an exotic glamping experience, all of these with just a short drive away from the bustling city.

Be greeted by the tranquility and serenity the moment you step foot into The Hooton Retreat. Here, the peaceful vibes rejuvenates your soul, where you begin your day with a misty sunrise and end it under the blanket of shining stars, accompanied by the chirps of rare birds and the burbles of flowing water that enchant your senses along the way. Rediscover your inner self and cleanse your spirit as you venture into the sanctuary of lush virgin rainforest. It's the perfect getaway your mind, body, and soul deserve.

The Hooton Retreat, Negeri Sembilan


VIP Manifestation Experience

Discover the unique way YOU manifest in the world with a personal astrology reading to supercharge your path forward. You’ll get clear on the specific gifts and strengths that make manifestation come most easily to you as well as the blocks to watch out for that sabotage you.  Work closely with our coaches to design your personalised manifestation framework to find your compass and call in the love of your life or the life of your dreams in a powerful purifying fire ritual!

Additional Workshop Experiences 

Manifestation Magic

What if it could work? What if everything you imagined worked out the way you wanted? Learn how to uncover the power of asking and receiving.

Know Thyself

Look for your true north by turning within. Experience a compassionate self-inquiry process to calibrate your inner compass to reveal your true desires. 

Get Your Freak On

We explore your inner freak by giving you a list of fascinating sex, kink and pleasure-related questions to answer so that you (and your partner) can get to know yourself better.

Unleash the Power Within

How do we uncover our deepest needs, desires & aspirations from within. Create a life of purpose, meaning & success. How can we learn to trust ourselves through intuition?

Moonlight Healing

A special sound healing session with focus on activating your third-eye chakra to help you envision your dreams.

Sunrise Yoga + Meditation

Creating quiet space in the morning to connect with yourself and the surrounding ambience of nature.

Learn about our workshops:


Select from a menu of playful workshops and soul-inspiring activities that will take you through a transformation.  

Women's Circle

Tasting the Forbidden Fruit - What if your power lies in owning your pleasure? What if the things you forbid yourself to explore hold the keys to your greatest gifts and most potent magic?

Men's Circle

Breakdown or Breakthrough  - Our relationship with our stress is a fine line between burning out and breaking through. Experience deep change by transforming unprocessed emotions. Drive your subconscious mind instead of being driven by it. Rewrite old limiting beliefs that no longer serve your highest vision of life.

Sensual Goddess Come Alive

Unleash your inner bad girl and multi-faceted Goddess in this sensual exploration as you strip down and get intimate with what really turns you on. 

Embodying the Zen Warrior

Be fully present in every situation and learn how to integrate the calmness of the zen master's mind and the energy of the warrior.

Owning Your Sexual Power

Get ready to explore sexual communication tools to negotiate sex the way we want it, and how to flirt and tease like a pro.

Don't Masterbate, Liberate

Learn to move sexual energy through movement and breath. Understand the power of porn over our sexuality and experience of sex. Break free from the fantasy and illusion of porn. 

Radical Acceptance

How do you move forward if you can't let go? Learn how to start building self-trust again and reconcile the different parts of you. Build magic in the places you love and open yourself to even more opportunities. 

Claiming Your Wildest Desires

If you’re at a crossroad or feeling the rumblings of a transformation being birthed into life, learn how to claim your wildest desires without holding back. Speak to your truth fearlessly as you take in the magnitude of how far you’ve come so far. Ignite, belong, be seen.


This is an amazing platform for women who is seeking for a safe space to relax and be themselves. For those who is hesitating because you might need to come alone, I would say this is the last thing you should be worrying about. You will be well taken care of and will be glad you have made the decision!

Weekend Itinerary

  Thursday 24th: Day 0 
VIP manifestation

Personal Astrology Reading
Manifestation Framework 
Calling in Fire Ritual
Moonlight Sound Healing
Sunrise Yoga
Know Thyself
Get Your Freak On

  Friday 25th: Day 1 

Opening Ceremony
Meet the Goddess & the Warrior
Women's Circle | Men's Circle
Moonlight Sound Healing

  Saturday 26th: Day 2 

Sunrise Yoga
Sensual Goddess Come Alive | Embodying the Zen Warrior
Owning Your Sexual Power | Radical Acceptance
Claiming Your Wildest Desires | Don't Masturbate, Liberate
Goddess & Warrior Bonfire Party 

  Sunday 27th: Day 3 

Sunrise Yoga / Meditation
Angel Walk
Closing Ceremony

What To Expect

Group Dinners
Pool Party

Meet Your Guides

Sarah Lian Self-Love

Sarah has dedicated the past 4 years creating spaces for people to gather and find themselves. Through her sound healing and advocacy of self-love, she has seen so many lives transformed by shifting their mindsets on their own self-belief and seeing how they have the power to change. 

"I want you to learn how to choose yourself in every moment of your life, even when all you see is pain, I want you to know that in your darkest moments you'll find your strength. Coming to this retreat will be a defining moment in your life to create a life by design and not by default. The possibilities in your life is infinite."

Hansen Lee Men & Movement

After spending the past 10 years gaining more insight in his spiritual practice, Hansen is ready to help men cultivate emotional depth to integrate with their life's purpose.

"I hope to channel my energy, presence, knowledge and wisdom into creating a safe space for men & women to dive deeper into their body, mind & soul. I want to facilitate this journey towards self-recognition so that they may discover & unlock aspects within that will help them grow & expand into becoming their best versions of themselves, thriving in life with Love & abundance."

Hannah Lo Relationships

Hannah is known for her compassionate and heart-led approach to spirituality and women’s wellness. Her love of the feminine mysteries and relationship dynamics has led her to create hundreds of transformative experiences for both men and women who are ready to live the truth of their hearts.

"There’s a longing in you I know intimately. A curious explorer, sensitive soul and creative spirit searching for something more. You’ve tried being sensible, following the rules set out for you. You’ve stayed within the boundaries of what has appeared safe and acceptable but it’s not working anymore. So my wish is for you to break free of all the have to’s and ‘COME ALIVE’ in the most pleasurable way as you feel, play and begin to reimagine a life that’s filled with more unknown adventures, wild dreaming and extraordinary magic. "

Chiron Yeng Alchemist

Chiron , a truth seeker, a lover of life, and a courageous warrior, Chiron is a practitioner of alchemical ways of human transformation and is here to activate individual's greatest potential.

"My intention is to meet you where you as you are as a true mirror and be a guide to help you connect to your soul's deepest desire and greatest vision."

Racheal Kwacz Transformation

Racheal's signature brain-based heart-centered approach to combining deep inner reparenting shadow work with research-based practical tools have proven to be the transformational breakthrough for audiences all over.

"They say your fire is built in the wounding but what happens when it all falls apart and you find yourself lost at sea with no rudder home? What happens when your biggest fears and deepest longing for connection and intimacy leaves you heartbroken and confused? That’s where I hope you’ll let me in to find you. No matter where you are in life, no matter which chapter or season, I want to climb in and sit with you."

Jasmine King Sex Positivity

Jasmine will show you what it means to step into your power in every aspect of life. As a sex-positive advocate, exploration and curiosity allows play to move in different areas of life.

"I love creating safe spaces for people to feel empowered enough to explore their fantasies in and out of the bedroom. From the intimate moments with yourself or even your partner, I will show you how to build your confidence from a place of worth."


I would say that this is a retreat you never thought you needed. I did not know that I 100% needed it until I went. I have gained so much from it, I have a different perspective of my life, of the people I meet, and of how to go forth with my day to day activities in life, work and relationships. It has made me somewhat balanced and has cleared a path for me that I never knew I needed until the retreat. I find that everyone needs this retreat because I preach Self-Love, and to bring yourself to one is your way of telling yourself that you are putting you first because you want to be better and most of all I preach SUPPARETREAT!

What does your ticket include?


Daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing
Being surrounded by nature in private estate
Deep energy healing work
Intimate connections with others
Massive breakthroughs around your limiting beliefs
Ceremonies and rituals 


Local Delight Breakfast
Asian Cuisine Lunch
Signature Banana Leaf Rice Dinner
Flaming BBQ Dinner

Note: All food is pork-free, no outside raw food allowed, but feel free to bring your own snacks 


We have booked out the entire retreat space for this weekend. Various housing and glamping domes will have varied amenities, please refer to the tickets for more  information. 


VIP Experience ticket will has Complimentary Transportation included in their package. Please refer to the bottom of the page if you would like to add-on transportation to your selected ticket.

Note: If you're looking for specific information on the retreat, feel free to email us at

Getting There

For International Participants

Inbound flights need to arrive no later than 12pm local time to allow time to clear customs & travel to the retreat venue. All COVID entry requirements for Malaysia have been scrapped and passengers can visit Malaysia regardless of their vaccination status.

We will require proof of a negative RTK-Ag covid test before you attend.

Driving to The Hooton Retreat

Lot 2773, Jalan Kuala Klawang - Simpang Pertang, Mukim Pertang, 72300 Kuala Klawang, Negeri Sembilan

Distance from Kuala Lumpur:  1 hour 45 minutes (117km)
Distance from Seremban:  1 hour (60km)
Distance from KL International Airport: 1 hour 35 minutes (106km)

Suggested Road Routes:

Cheras Batu 9 > SILK  > LEKAS  > Jalan Jelebu > Kuala Klawang > The Hooton Retreat

PLUS Highway > Exit Seremban Toll > Kuala Klawang > The Hooton Retreat

Book Transportation (optional)

If you don't want to drive, arrive fuss free with our chartered buses to and from The Hooton Retreat on Friday and Sunday. We will be offering 2 pickup points: KL Sentral and KL International Airport

Depart from KLIA/KL Sentral at 1pm Friday 25 November
Arrive at KLIA / KL Sentral at 3pm Sunday 27 November

As Seen On

The Goddess and The Warrior Retreat: A holistic and transformative experience is set to be their most impactful one yet.

Interview with Sarah Lian about the highly praised Supparetreat -  community that aim to educate, equip and empower. 


What does the ticket not include?

This ticket does not include flights and transportation.  If you'd like to participate in other outdoor activities provided by The Hooton - like ziplining, archery or an excursion to the waterfall it will be an additional cost. 

Transportation to the resort is only included for our VIP tickets from KL Sentral. If you'd like to secure transportation from KLIA or KL Sentral, feel free to purchase a ticket as an add on 

Can I put down a deposit to reserve my spot?

Yes, we can reserve your spot with a deposit of RM899. But first come first serve for those who have made full payment for the retreat.

Please email us for us to assist you with this option,

Do you offer flexible payment plans?

Yes we do! We offer flexible payment plans  through recurring credit card payments. Depending on the number of payments, additional costs may be incurred. 

Please enquire at if you're interested in exploring our flexible payment options.  

What is your refund policy?

We offer a grace period where you can have a full refund within 14 days of booking your retreat. Refunds may take max 30 days to process.
After the 14 Day grace period, we do not offer refunds for any reason, we can only offer credits to future events. Please be sure you are ready to commit before booking your retreat. 

No credit or refund is available if you cancel on the arrival day; if you do not show up; or if you leave an event early for any reason. No refund will be available if you attend a program and are dissatisfied with its presentation or content.

Are there any solo rooms on this retreat? 

All rooms in this retreat are shared. This retreat is all about breaking out of your comfort zone, shifting your paradigm and re-calibrating who you are. Creating community and making positive, new friends is also part of the experience.

Don't let your present fears rob you of the person you were born to become. One key part of this paradigm shifting is that you have pods for continued inspiration and accountability during and after the retreat.

How do I purchase as a group?

If you're coming as a group we can suggest taking up the deluxe dome  with ensuite bathroom. Please note each guest must pay separately and mention the friend in the form so we know you're booking  together. 
If there are more than groups of 4 in your booking, we can offer additional discounts. Please send us a email and so we can walk you through the process.

Who can I bring with me on this retreat?

All genders, sexual orientation, ethnicities and religious or spiritual backgrounds are welcome.

Either feel free to come alone and make friends or bring people you want to grow with. 

This is a no children, no pets retreat. You must be over the age of 16 to attend. There may adult language and situations. 

What if I have special health concerns or mobility issues?

By attending this retreat, you are taking full responsibility for your mental, physical and emotional well-being as an adult. We are not doctors or medical practitioners and everything shared at the retreat is for informational purposes only. Nothing is meant to replace medical treatment or to diagnose or treat any medical, physical or mental health condition. 

Please clear this trip and your travel with your own healthcare team. Be sure to pack whatever medications or vitamins you need for your health. You may also ALWAYS choose to opt out of any movement sessions or physically demanding activities at your own discretion. Again, nothing we say is meant to take the place of any advice from your mental and physical healthcare team.  If you have any mobility concerns, please let me know so we can open a dialogue with the location to decide what works best for you

What if I am unable to participate in the activities?

Everything we offer is an invitation for you to join. The beauty of this retreat is that you are here to explore the boundaries of your own comfort levels. You can sit out and enjoy the other parts of the retreat too!

Will we have free-time during the retreat?

Yes! There is free time for relaxation, adventuring, journaling, exploring etc. This is the perfect time to strengthen the bonds you have built at the retreat or have some alone time.

What if I have other questions?

We're happy answer any questions that aren't listed here, please email us at