A 1-day Online Retreat to manifest your dreams to create a life of design not by default. Join our coaches as we take you to the next level on mindset, abundance & productivity.

Jeet Academy KL 

25 May 2024 



Are you feeling flat and exhausted, and somedays simply want to hide under the covers?

Do you feel unmotivated, helpless and skeptical amidst this pandemic?

Supparetreat presents Recharge, an amazing 1-day online retreat with our Life Design Lifestyle Coaches, Asha Gill, Ashley Suelyn, and Jashidah Kamal. Our curated experience will help you feel energised and get you to start planning for the life you want to live.

This retreat will allow you to dynamically shift your perspective and increase your capacity for more opportunities. Gain greater clarity and insight to overcome roadblocks holding you back from your true potential. Learn about how your motivations can fuel your success.

Take the step forward to recharge yourself this year.



You missed out!


Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is a safe space for women.

If you're currently navigating career or life transitions, and looking for guidance in a supportive and validating environment.

If you're looking for a shift in perspective, so when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at can change.

If you've been meaning to hear what you most need to hear, gain clarity around how and where to direct your energy, time and talents in the coming year.

If you're ready to ask for and receive support, give yourself permission to come as you are and receive help from like-minded people.

If you're feeling depleted, fill your cup to recalibrate yourself.

What can I expect when I attend this retreat?

At this retreat, you will learn how to:
  • Take charge of your life by being in control of your thoughts
  • Create new connections to counter your own limiting beliefs
  • Get clarity on your values and manifest the life you desire
  • Discover techniques to bring abundant energy into your life
  • Eliminate your mental blocks and find your worth
  • Expand your productivity levels to maximum energy
  • Learn how to harness your energy and refuel yourself through sleep


Michelle Chong

A compassionate and warm healer, Michelle is accomplished in the arts of transformation and empowerment. As a Certified Rage Facilitator, Certified Divine Intervention Practitioner, and Access Bars Practitioner, she embodies a holistic approach to wellness, inviting individuals on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I was able to reframe my perspective and realise what I've been doing for decades in what may seem like a logical attempt to "fix the problem" I was swimming against the current . I feel like I am better able to observe and allow these parts of me to exist in a healthier manner, and coax myself to cooperate instead of fighting them.



Imagine a day where the only thing on your calendar is your biggest to-do: take care of you.


Welcome by Supparetreat

Quick Overview of Retreat 


Recalibrate by Asha Gill

Where you are now, and where you want to be, are two fundamental positions you need in order to map your route. Ensuring you are well prepared for the journey means getting your car serviced, the gas tank filled and checking those windscreen wipers work in case of rain. The same principles apply to people; we chart a course with our minds, service any beliefs that might hinder us, create new ones to fuel us, and have strategies at the ready when the path gets stormy. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of how to do this for any area of your life.


Break (25mins)


Money Matters by Jashidah Kamal

Learn how to activate your abundance mindset and start attracting money while understanding the difference between WEALTH, MONEY and STATUS. Take home  8 tools to achieve a Wealthy Mindset.


Lunch (40mins)

Dressing Paula Special Promotion

*optional Plant-Based Lunch by PBHALL


Mindful Productivity by Ashley Suelyn

The ability to control your mental energy empowers you to optimize your everyday goals. In this session, you will identify what fluctuates your energy levels and how to manage it, as to make it consistent and predictable. Apart from structuring our day in accordance to our mental energy levels, we will also learn about the benefits of reverse-engineering our processes as a form of proper preparation to achieve flow for a longer period of time. Our goal is to leave you feeling empowered to adopt new habits as we unlock your inner ability to stay focused, disciplined, and motivated.

4:45pm- 5:00pm




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