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Inner Empowerment

Life & Breath: Conscious Connected Breathing

Conscious Connected Breathing (aka Circular Breathing) is a form of breath work in which the breather intentionally connects the inhale with the exhale without any pauses. The breathing pattern is simple yet powerful, bringing many transformative benefits across the physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of our being.

Life & Breath: The Art of Letting Go + Extended Conscious Connected Session

In this workshop, we will learn how we can use our breath to relax on demand, to surrender control over the things we cannot change, and to let go of repressed and suppressed emotions stored in our cellular memory.

With our breath, we are able to “fly under the radar”, going straight to the root cause instead of attempting to address only the effects. Through conscious connected breathing, we will use the breath to release and integrate the underlying and often unconscious energetic patterns in the body, in order to free ourselves from negative thinking, unhelpful habits and limiting beliefs.

Life & Breath: Breathing from a Polyvagal Perspective

In the first part of this workshop, we'll explore some of the fundamentals of Polyvagal Theory to better understand the different states that we might find ourselves in at any given moment. I will then share a selection of breathwork tools and techniques to help you better navigate through these states.

The workshop will end with a conscious connected breathing session, an opportunity to journey a little deeper into the emotional  realm of the body-mind system and to use the breath to release and integrate underlying and often unconscious energetic blockages in the body. 

Life Design

Recalibrate: Building Confidence

In this workshop, we will be breaking down what confidence means to you. Then we will take the learnings and transform them into confidence building techniques. When you feel stuck communicating, and don’t feel like you have the confidence to ask for that promotion, talk to that person or engage at meetings, this will help you find your voice.

Recalibrate: Decoding Dreams

The mind works in symbols that are personal to you.

Understanding how to decode your dreams may be just the most fun thing to do, and it can be extraordinarily helpful too.

In this session you will learn a very solid process of decoding your dreams in order to take the wisdom, information or ideas from inside and bring them outside where you can take action.

Intimacy and Relationships

Relationship Salon: Let Love In

This is for anyone looking to understand why they're not having the kind of relationships they want. If you're feeling stuck and unable to move forward in a marriage, struggling to mend from broken trust in friendships, not able to see eye to eye with someone at work or disconnected from your family this workshop will help you get to the core of why and show you what to do to start creating the relationships you want.

Intimacy Series: Four Types of Attraction

In this first session, Hannah will describe how attraction actually works by revealing four main types. Discover what creates that electricity and magnetism to a person and what switches it off. Understand how to discern between ego and soul attraction and as couples why we get turned off or turned on in our relationships. P.S... none of the four types of attraction are physical.

Intimacy Series: When Intimacy is Withheld

Going through periods of not having sex in a relationship is something most of us face at some point but why does it happen and what do we do if we feel rejected or stuck because of it? In this session Hannah will explain common but often misunderstood reasons why our interest dips and changes with each other and what to do if your partner isn’t interested in being intimate or when you’re the one who’s not interested.

Intimacy Series: Sex and Communication

When it comes to sex, how do we ask for what we want without sounding demanding? How do we say what we don’t want without hurting the other person’s feelings? In this session, Hannah & Danielle will be sharing various empowering practices to help you express your needs and desires in ways that can inspire and motivate your partner, instead of turning them off. Learn to play with verbal and non verbal cues and feel more confident when it comes to communication in the bedroom.

Intimacy Series: Spice Up Your Love Life

with special guest Tantric Coach Danielle Ajanta 

Join Danielle and Hannah as we walk you through #6 sexy tantric exercises to bring more passion and playfulness into your sex life. Discover the secrets to the ultimate sexual arousal for you and your partner, as well as some top tips for opening you both up to more magical love making.

Taste of Tantra: Introduction to Tantra

In this workshop you will learn the truth behind some popular misconceptions about this spiritual path, and discover how the practice of Tantra can be the gateway to enjoying deeper meaning and fulfilment, not just in your sexual relationships, but in all aspects of your life.

You will learn about:
– The different types of Tantra
– The tantric approach to sexuality, relationships, intimacy and desire
– The tantric journey of energetic activation and sexual awakening
– Solo tantric practices for feeling more connected to your body and life source.


Taste of Tantra: The Art of Sacred Touch and Unlocking Pleasure

Our hands are an extension of our hearts and with them we can caress the soul of another. Touch is fundamental to human health and happiness, and in this workshop we will explore tantric techniques and practices for deepening intimacy and maximising pleasure through the art of touch.

You will learn:
– The principles of sacred touch
– How to work with consent and boundaries to create a space of clarity and sacredness
– How to open up the sacred sexual pathways in your own body so you can enjoy deeper, more ecstatic pleasure.
– Secrets to spicing up your sacred touch experience