Going Inward


Book this Wednesday night with Supparetreat as we take you on a journey to cultivate a more mindful practice of going inward.  This experience will give you the tools and practice to find answers from within.

Open to both Men and Women

Hosted by Sarah Lian

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Is this you?
Ever feel like you can’t seem to sit still with your thoughts? Too much going on in your mind? How do you cultivate a practice to connect with your intuition? How can you find clarity to your own questions? Join us for an experience to help bring any thoughts or emotions to surface. If you’re feeling stuck in life right now, this is an excellent opportunity for you to go inward and recalibrate what you want for yourself.

Learn How to:

  • Ground yourself and be present with your current state
  • Feel seen and witness others without needing to fix or give advice
  • Journal your thoughts and acknowledge the feelings that come up
  • Breathe  and connect with your body with intention
  • Surrender your body for a moment to receive and allow your thoughts to come to surface
  • Shift out of negativity and find the blessings in your life

What to Expect

Grounding Meditation | Connection | Journaling | Breathwork | Sound Healing | Gratitude

Event Details

Date: July 12, 2023

Start time: 20:00 UTC+08

End time: 22:00 UTC+08

Venue: Wondrous Curations Studio

Directions: Centrio Pantai Hillpark A-3A-8 Register at Block B Carpark and take elevator to 3M, turn right and go through the bridge, our studio is located on the right.

Phone: 0129178772

Email: info@supparetreat.com