Self-Love and Sound Series


Book your Wednesday nights with Supparetreat as we take you on a journey to cultivate more self-love into your life. The journey inward and the love you find from within with help you weather the biggest storms as we delve into topics like self-compassion, self-trust and self-esteem.

Hosted by Sarah Lian
Wednesdays 8-10pm

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Self-love is something that is so central to all of us.
Do you constantly question your self worth?
Do you lack confidence because the decisions in your past have made you fearful of your future?
Do you give your love freely to others in hopes that they will reciprocate and make you feel whole?

The conversations we have with ourselves are the most telling of who we are, none of us want to admit how we are deceiving ourselves in any number of ways. Until you’re ready to have the conversation to shed the truth, you’ll realise that most of your problems stem internally, not externally.

Although healing is a personal journey, we believe in the community of collective healing that helps us process some of our thoughts and trauma. Every experience is an invitation for you to cultivate love from within. Find solace in the voices present in this space so you will know that you are not alone.

Each week will be a theme that will be focusing on Self-love, they are all stand alone topics so feel free to come to one or come to all, whichever resonates with you.

What to Expect

8:00-8:15 Opening Circle
8:15-8:40 Connection
8:40-8:55 Journaling
8:55-9:45 Sound Healing
9:45-10:00 Gratitude Closing

Topics Covered

15 June | Self-Awareness

The beginning of our journey to cultivate self-love, starts with self-awareness. Being aware of the thoughts you have is the foundation on how you shift those negative thoughts into thoughts of compassion, kindness, and acceptance. Do you ever notice the inner dialogue that exists? “I’m not good enough” or “I wish I could look like that.” These negative thoughts that we have about ourselves may appear so real even when they are not.

22 June | Self-Honesty

The honest conversations we have with ourselves can prevent us from getting further hurt down the road. Another aspect of self-honesty is the opportunity to grow, this can take the form of humility that helps us swallow our pride that stops us from seeking help. Self-honesty acts like courage that trumps our shame.

29 June | Self-Compassion

We inevitably make mistakes, stumble, unconsciously impact others with our blind spots, but if we are compassionate and honest in these moments, we have an opportunity to grow. Compassion reminds us of the broader arc of growth and development when things are a mess. But where you are is not who you are, and when you’re able to give yourself a break, that moment of reflection is enough for you to reroute with a renewed love for yourself.

6 July | Self-Trust

Let us understand what our ego does to us, it tries to keep us safe. So it helps tell stories to help us steer clear of pain, even if it means the stories are absurd. When we buy into this negative voice, we lose connection to ourselves and create anxiety within. The fear seeps in and we are no longer able to trust in the present moment and feel the need to hold on to the stories we tell ourselves, listening to the voice of our inner critic. Learning to manage the inner critic will free up energy that is necessary to develop self-trust.

13 July | Self-Esteem

Building your self-esteem can take a lot of conscious work, but this process of developing your confidence will be the best learning experience to improve and enhance your life. Showing up takes guts and it takes risks. It will also remind you of your own greatness and the grit you bring to each experience. Don’t forget what’s ruminating underneath because the more self-confidence you have, the more ready you will be to step up when you feel called to do so.

Event Details

Start time: 20:00 UTC+08

End time: 22:00 UTC+08

Venue: Wondrous Curations Studio

Directions: Centrio Pantai Hillpark A-3A-8 Register at Block B Carpark and take elevator to 3M, turn right and go through the bridge, our studio is located on the right.

Phone: 0129178772


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