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The Five Mentors You Need In Life

February 4, 2022 | Mindset

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Mentors are those who help us understand ourselves by giving guidance and direction to our purpose. We don’t always refer to such people in our life as ‘mentors’ but that’s what they truly are. There are multiple types but the following ones are the most important to surround yourself with. You may meet a person who fulfills several types of mentoring. Remember, mentorship goes both ways. You admire and learn from your mentors but you also help them when you can.

1.The Master of Craft

This person is someone who is incredibly experienced in the field you seek to grow in. They’re the best of the best and they have probably been your role model at some point. They are really helpful because they can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, give you useful insights as well as help you benefit from the lessons they’ve learned. They can be your go-to when you want to brainstorm or get an opinion about something you are planning on pursuing.

2.The Champion of Your Cause

This mentor is your biggest fan. More often than not, they help unravel your persona, in front of others, as well as polish your image but not to the point it becomes fictitious. On tough days where you doubt yourself, they’d be the first responders; being present and talking you up. They can also help you with networking and contribute to growing your plan, hence being a great asset to you, especially in your absence.

3.The Co-pilot

This mentor is basically your right hand. They’re that colleague that you enjoy working with most. They’re extremely supportive and are not afraid to take accountability for their actions. They also are very welcoming and are willing to help you whenever you need it. Relationships with this mentor work best when it’s reciprocated. Make sure to support them as they’ve supported you.

4.The Anchor

This person is usually not even part of your work environment but rather a friend or family member. They support you emotionally and psychologically to achieve your goals. They are great to have around when things get stressful or when you need a pep talk before meeting your other mentors. The fact that they have your overall best interest in mind, and aren’t just work-oriented, makes them great at encouraging you to achieve work-life balance and remind you to take care of yourself.

5.The Reverse Mentor

This mentor is actually usually a mentee. You can learn from everyone around you, even those who may seem to have less experience. This mentor is important for providing feedback about your leadership skills and other aspects you seek to grow. They’re very useful to help you understand your audience and help you see things from a different perspective. They may even have brilliant ideas and comments that you can use to improve your methods and plans.


-The 5 types of mentors you need in your life by Julia Fawal via

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