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How to Cultivate and Protect Your Self-worth

May 20, 2022 | Mindset

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No matter how comfortable and confident we are, we could have days where we question our worth. Intrusive thoughts could slip into our minds or we could encounter a trigger that sets off our self-doubt. We have four powerful tips that when turned into a habit, they can change our perception of ourselves:

Forgive yourself.

When we hold on to the past and resent our mistakes, we get stuck believing that we will constantly mess up. Forgiving ourselves helps us feel more at peace with our decisions and builds trust for ourselves. This creates a great foundation for increasing your self-worth. Accept what happened, learn from it then leave it in the past – where it belongs.

Practice self-acceptance.

We all have things that make us unique, which can often make us feel like we don’t fit in. Always remember that what makes you special is something that deserves to be loved and celebrated. Having a positive relationship with ourselves allows us to appreciate all the things that make us unique and hence, boosts our self-worth.

Be your own comfort zone.

When you’re having a bad day, think to yourself: what would I have said to a dear friend if they were in a similar situation? We’re often so hard on ourselves because we doubt our potential, but in truth, this only worsens our feelings of unworthiness. Be kind to yourself and see how much better you’d feel. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your loved ones.

Connect with supportive people.

Having a support system can be powerful when it comes to self-worth. On days where we struggle to pick ourselves up, they can be there to comfort us. It also gives us the opportunity to relate to other people. When you start to appreciate uniqueness in others, you begin to appreciate your own too. Be brave enough to let love in.


You are worthy. All of you. You deserve to be loved and accepted for everything that brought you here to this moment.

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