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How to Embrace Non-attachment

March 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

For years, so many people have been trying to develop all sorts of theories and solutions to make uncertainty a little less scary. We were quite moved by The Law of Detachment from The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success by Deepak Chopra. It’s a very useful and timeless skill to develop. Uncertainty can be scary and frustrating but it can also be exciting and life-changing. Want to learn it yourself? Keep reading to understand The Law of Detachment and start unlocking your potential!

The Law – Simplified

In order to achieve something, we must detach ourselves from it. This doesn’t mean that we stop desiring it or give up our intention to do it, we only detach ourselves from rigidity. We remain full of intention and motivation. It is about focusing on the process and doing what we are supposed to do without being all caught up with specifications. But, how can we start doing that? Well:

Trust the universe.

We build attachment to things because we doubt nature’s organizing power. Our attachments get stronger the less we trust nature. We struggle to adapt when things don’t go our way, forgetting that we are part of a harmonious pattern that is beyond our awareness. Look around you. The sun always rises and sets, the moon is there every night. Whichever higher power you believe in, it has your back and is organizing things for you.

Don’t let certainty limit you.

Our attachment to certain things can be because we are seeking a sense of security. What we are truly seeking is certainty, we like knowing how things are going to go, which is what gives us a sense of security. We need to understand that certainty traps us in our past conditioning and to be freed from it, we must surrender to uncertainty. The unknown can be beautiful. It allows us to seize new opportunities. If we remain in our comfort zone, we sacrifice the fluidity, flexibility and creativity hidden in uncertainty.

Allow goal-setting and flexibility to intersect.

We can still set goals while not being attached to them. We can set intentions and want to reach certain goals but be open, flexible and embrace changes. For example: getting from point A to B could be the goal but between the two points, infinite possibilities lie. This way, we can recognize better, more exciting ideas when they come our way. Letting the journey change or adjusting it may bring us closer to our goals but if we are too rigid to experiment and take chances, we might lose out on these opportunities.

Ways to Apply The Law

Incorporating this law into your life isn’t difficult. When encountering problems, don’t try to force solutions on them. Allow the solution to emerge and don’t feel the need to fill the gap with what you already know for the sake of it. This will help you stay more alert to opportunities. You will slowly see problems as learning opportunities and be set free by appreciating what uncertainty brings. Factor uncertainty into your plans and think of it as a natural part of the process. Find security in uncertainty because uncertainty will lead you to freedom.

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