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How to Stay Focused, Consistent and Motivated

April 8, 2022 | Mindset

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Do you have a short attention span? Can’t seem to get things moving or sometimes even started? Does your productivity fluctuate very easily? Well, you’re in luck. Instead of browsing through endless articles and videos on the internet, we did the work for you!

We found these three factors to be most essential components when it comes to staying motivated:


Harnessing autonomy motivates us to experiment, share and execute. We all like knowing we have control over what we’re working on. Sometimes, just feeling like we’re micromanaged is enough to deteriorate our motivation.

If you’re working on something private, remember to give yourself some freedom and flexibility. If someone else is involved, make sure to set boundaries and communicate your needs and emotions accordingly.


As humans, we like knowing we’re good at something. We might be driven to undertake a task we find compatible with our abilities, especially if it feels a little more advanced. That’s because we feel like we’re making progress and that sense of accomplishment becomes the fuel we need to continue working.

When approaching a task, figure out how you can use your strengths in relation to the task. Not only will you better comprehend the task, it will also fill you with that feeling of accomplishment.


When a task is related to our goals, beliefs or personality, it becomes easier for us to feel motivated. A task we can connect with will stimulate our creative and receptive pathways. This, in turn, may boost our confidence, as well as our drive to further pursue a task we find worthwhile.

If a task feels dreadful for you, try finding aspects of it that speak to you or ones you can tweak to fit your needs to increase that sense of relevance.

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