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The Beauty of Being Present

May 6, 2022 | Mindset

It’s tempting to let our minds wander in the mistakes of the past or the worries of the future. But what would happen if we just took a moment to be here at this very moment? To just look around and say ‘Wow, I’m really here’? You will only ever be able to live this moment now because even if you were here again tomorrow, things could be different by then. Here are some of the reminders to embrace the present moment:

Release what’s out of your control.

When we’re not being present, our minds never stop wandering. We could be working, out with friends, watching tv or doing just about anything else and still not be present. Our thoughts could be distracting us from experiencing what’s right here with us. Maybe you’re out for dinner, but you’re worried about a task you’re yet to finish later. You could be in a moment you’ve always wanted, but now you’re thinking about the things that could go wrong. Always remember that we don’t know what’s gonna happen, and worrying isn’t gonna change what’s about to happen anyway. There are always things we can’t control, so take a deep breath and release them. You are here right now and this moment is yours.

Give opportunities the benefit of the doubt.

When we look at the past, we may be afraid to experience things again. When we look too far ahead, you pass on many opportunities that are at our feet. If we allow ourselves to be present, we’ll be more likely to say yes. Say yes to life. Say yes to new adventures. Say yes to a new mindset. And even say yes to trying again. It’s time to stop postponing life because we’re too distracted by our past or our future. It’s time to trust our intuition and express the person we are today. After all, we only ever have today, so why not make the most of it?

Shift your energy towards gratitude.

Once we realise how temporary phases can be, we start to appreciate the little things. Take a walk. Meditate while watching the sunset. Cook your favourite meal. Allow yourself to enjoy every moment of today. When you approach the present moment with gratitude, even a sunny day becomes a reason to smile. You could also keep a ‘gratitude’ journal to write down all the small things that were worth stopping and staring at. If writing isn’t your thing, how about a gratitude album! So basically, you just take pictures of the things that made you smile and keep an album on your phone. You can go back to your journal/album when things feel foggy to remind yourself that there is always beauty surrounding you. You are here on this earth to experience today, isn’t that wonderful?

Embracing detachment.

You can allow yourself to indulge in things, and still be okay with letting them go. It’s absolutely normal to feel attached to experiences and to people. We get it. That could be because it became a part of our chapter, our daily routine or maybe it even influenced who we are. But, when it’s time for things to end, allow yourself to let it go. Don’t make the mistake of being half-in, half-out because you’re scared to get attached to the moment. Maybe when you’re out with a friend, you’re thinking about the moment they leave; or as you’re enjoying your birthday party, you’re thinking about the 364 days to come for you to have this kind of fun again.

But what’s the point of waiting for things to fade? Why be too scared to let yourself feel this moment in your bones and hold it in your heart forever? It can be scary, yes, because once we taste its glory we’ll miss it. But, this life was made to be lived. If we keep holding ourselves back from actually being present, that’s where we truly miss out. Things can truly last forever because they come alive whenever you tell the story. That being said, they are a part of you, not all that you are. So, keep collecting tiny pieces every time your heart lights up. 


Look around. The sun is shining. The wind is blowing on your face and through your hair. You’re right here, at this moment. Listen to the sounds of life, even if that sound was the sound of silence. Today is an opportunity, an honour and a gift. Give it your all.

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